First steps

Register on the API

In order to be able to use our API, you must, firstly, be registered on our website. If you do not have an account, you can register by pressing on the button Register which you can find in the top right hand corner of the page. If you already have an account, you only need to log in by pressing on the button Login .

Una vez haya iniciado sesión con su cuenta, deberá seleccionar uno de los planes que le ofrecemos. Para ello, tiene que acceder a la pantalla de Inicio de la API y seguir los pasos que se indican en la página. Si tienes dudas sobre los planes que ofertamos, consulte a nuestro equipo técnico a través de y uno de nuestros operarios le informará sobre qué paquete de peticiones es el más adecuado para usted.

Connected to the API

Firstly, you must follow the steps indicated on Register on the API in order to access the API. Once you've got your account and signed up to a package, you will be able to connect to our API through requests. In order to do that, you must have a key which will be compulsory in order to make use of the requests you have bought, format to indicate the output format you wish to obtain, and req to indicate what request it is. For more details, go to the section Compulsory Parameters .

We bring you a real example of a requests which reveals a list with all the categories in format JSON: &format=json&req=categories&filter=all
Please also note that calls to the API must always be made using the method GET . Otherwise, the request may not work.

Soon examples will be published of how to use our API in different platforms like IOS (Iphone or Ipad), Android or PHP.

Compulsory parameters


Unique code which allows users to connect to the API. This will be provided to the customer in the moment he/she creates an account on the API. .


Formats which can receive data requests to the API. The formats available are the following :

  • xml
  • json
  • widget
  • (None). If no format is provided, it will show a data structure in plain text which is easy to read to carry out tests..


The types of requests you wish to make such as leagues, league tables, results, etc..


We have developed a powerful analytics tool thanks to the large amount of statistics which we store.

Requests made in the last 24 hours

Requests made in the last 30 days

Statistics of requests

Average response time
Requests: 0.0 ms
General : 0,157 s

Average response size
Requests: 0.00 kb
General : 22.58 kb

Requests Total 7 days 7 day progression Last year Weekly progression
Daily matches_req 16.777.215 2.133.449.914
Live matches_req 8.879.490 573.271.154
Match summary_req 7.226.457 528.846.730
Matches_req 5.405.793 340.021.834
Standings_req 2.561.388 156.897.098
Wall_req 1.148.326 155.125.967
Livescore_req 2.047.577 108.308.353
Player details_req 854.137 42.411.375
Team history_req 862.915 40.935.312
Results_req 402.720 40.024.156
Standings_req 365.210 34.199.089
Team data_req 581.103 30.651.455
Categories_req 342.020 30.363.920
On TV_req 236.691 26.731.343
Player matches_req 62.567 16.155.190
Matches by team_req 181.964 9.170.642
League transfers_req 32.936 8.017.074
Team list_req 99.462 6.835.805
League status_req 15.490 6.648.485
Team stats_req 49.329 4.413.202
Competition stats_req 6.755 3.910.259
Transfer market_req 19.864 3.500.848
Football pools_req 21.893 2.380.671
TV and matches_req 10.010 811.982
Squads_req 670 17.015
Historical match_req 8 14.866

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