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10 monthly
Available leagues: 3 Monthly tickets: 2 Level of requests: 1


600 monthly
Available leagues: 5 Monthly tickets: 10 Level of requests: 2


1000 monthly
Available leagues: 20 Monthly tickets: 15 Level of requests: 3


  • All the advantages of the Professional Plan
  • With the possibility of implantation in-situ
  • Web Hosted Solutions
  • Unlimited technical assistance
  • With the possibility of custom made development
  • Special offers on multideporte

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Request list available on each level.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Day's matches Day's matches Day's matches
Live matches Live matches Live matches
Matches Matches Matches
Televised matches Televised matches Televised matches
Tables Tables Tables
List of teams List of teams List of teams
Squad Squad Squad
Divisions Divisions Divisions
Status of leagues Status of leagues Status of leagues
Match summary Match summary
Wall Wall
Live scores Live scores
Matches by team Matches by team
TV and matches TV and matches
Pools Pools
Historic match
Player details
Player's matches
Team statistics
Competition statistics
List of previous teams
Team details
Signing in leagues
Transfer market

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Conditions of use:

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On creating an account, you have 30 days to try level 1 requests.

These prices are for the FOOTBALL package. For other sports, please contact our support team on

Feel free to contact specifying the competitions and requests you would like, and we will send you a plan adjusted to your needs.

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